Community Outreach

Bargain Box of Wilmington works with any non-profit agency requesting assistance, whether it is a church (Catholic Social Ministry), a government agency (Dept. of Social Services), or a Federally Funded program (First in Families) for example. We have collaborated with over 100 different organizations in the last 17 years of business.

Good Shepherd Center receives half of our annual profit proceeds for their ongoing ministry. Katrina Knight, Executive Director of Good Shepherd Center, says, “Bargain Box has been a vital resource for Good Shepherd for the past ten years, both in the annual financial support given by Bargain Box and also in their ongoing support of Good Shepherd clients through Bargain Bucks and other programs.” To date we have given $59,000 to this ministry for the homeless.

Bargain Bucks (free voucher program) are available to churches or organizations that request help for their clients. Bargain Bucks look similar to a $10 bill and spend like $10. This makes the transaction a more pleasant experience with more dignity for all concerned. Clients from 34 agencies have used $76,310 (2005-2016) worth of Bargain Bucks vouchers. In 2016, over $14,000 of Bargain Bucks were distributed to 27 social service agencies as well as the New Hanover County Schools which includes 18 public schools.

Click here for bargain bucks application

The Gift Bargain Bucks program is a way by which the community can provide a quality shopping experience for those who might not have adequate monetary resources to meet their needs. Recipients can shop with their Bargain Bucks during regular store hours and they may pick out items of their choice. They are available to purchase either for a specific person or family or to leave at the Bargain Box Store for the staff to use as needed.

The Episcopal Farmworkers Ministry in Newton Grove receives many items regularly from us that help their migrant workers.

The Salvation Army receives clothing that isn’t usable for our projects which they can bale and send to third world countries.

Early Bread Program started in May of 1999, and, since then, has fed more than 25,000 people on Sunday mornings. Approximately 90 percent of those served are men. Bargain Box regularly donates men’s clothing to this program

From 2005 through 2016, excess clothing was given to:
  • Episcopal Farmworkers Ministry - 50,188 lbs or 25.10 tons
  • Salvation Army - 125,612 lbs or 62.81 tons
  • Early Bread Program/St. Peters - 29,601 lbs or 13.81 tons
Total from 2005 through 2016 given to these top 3 agencies - 205,400 lbs or 101.72 tons!

Grants may be applied for by non-profit organizations. Following reading, reviewing, and approval of the grant applications, we have given grants to more than 30 charitable agencies, totaling more than $45,500. Click here for grant requirements and application form.

Bargain Box provides hope and help for our community by collaborating with agencies such as: