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2016 Prom Dress Drive

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Heide Trask High School FCCLA thanks the Bargain Box for donating 37 Prom dresses.

“Your store was a big reason for the success of the Dress Drive. Due to the love and support you have shown through your donations, girls found dresses that made them feel like queens. All the dresses you donated were given away for FREE! This allowed all of young ladies to stress less over costs and enjoy the event. The kindness shown also helped these girls gain more confidence in themselves and believe in the impossible.

Learning and helping others is the goal of our club. FCCLA stands for Family Career Community Leaders of America. You are helping us become the leaders of the future for our community. You have allowed us a chance to speak and present our idea and then supported that idea into fruition by picking out your inventory which would be given away. We appreciate all you do not just for our school but for our community.”

FCCLA members Savannah Falcon, Virginia Singleton, & Ashton Yarbrough

Note: These 3 young women presented their ideas and program locally which won first place with their achievement and were given a trip to participate in a national challenge in San Diego, CA.

A presentation of their letter of gratitude (as quoted above) and roses were presented by representatives from their organization to Kathleen Vezzetti, Exec. Director of the Bargain Box