What Can I Do?

Bargain Box depends upon donations of gently used clothing and household goods from the public and carefully recycles everything from valuable antiques to rags and buttons in a clean, respectful boutique environment. Every donated item is used in the most beneficial way possible. A large bin of less than saleable clothing is available free behind the store during store hours.

We gratefully accept and sell:
Stylish & Affordable Clothing for Men, Women & Children
Vintage Clothing and Costumes
Household Items, Linens, Kitchen, Bath Items
Books, CD’s, Tapes & LP’s
Toys, Games & Baby Items
Arts & Crafts
Furniture (depending on available space) & Collectibles

As a volunteer joining the Bargain Box, you would be joining a team much larger than can be seen on any given day of work. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of the team approach to the success of the Bargain Box. Every task that needs to be done at the Bargain Box, no matter how small, is important. It is our detail-oriented service, our commitment to providing those “extra” services other stores do not provide, and our belief that a clean, well-maintained store creates a respectful and peaceful environment, that forms the foundation for our ministry. Please click here for our volunteer guidelines and application.

The Bargain Box is similar to a high quality tastefully designed boutique and yet is a full service thrift store with items appropriately priced. It changes the typical thrift store image because it is clean, pleasant, bright, fun, creative and appealing to all ages of thrift minded shoppers. The facility is spotless, with only the highest quality clothing made available for sale, tagged by size, and displayed by color and type. Other merchandise is well organized and appropriately tagged and displayed.

Give money so that others may shop.
Gift Bargain Bucks are available to purchase either for a specific person or family or to leave at the Bargain Box Store for the staff to use as needed.